The project Women Capacity Building & Empowerment Project presented by the NGO Children Care Development Organization (Uganda) has been approved on and can start raising funds!


The NGO Children Care Development Organization established partnership with Global Giving in offering entrepreneurial training to poor marginalized women living with HIV/ AIDS and poverty.

The strategy in this movement is to speed up the construction of EuropaBook International Children Academy.


GlobalGiving connects you to over 1,000 pre-screened grassroots charity projects around the world. It's an efficient, transparent way to make an impact with your giving.

Connecting Donors to Doers. GlobalGiving begins with the dedicated, tenacious individuals who are driving change in their communities. From running orphanages and schools, to helping survivors of natural disasters, these people are do-gooders to the core. We connect these "good idea people" with the "generous giver people" and help projects of all sizes receive donations of all sizes.

It's our hope that you will join with us in this global challenge giving donation to the children care development organization and to spread this word to your friends. More information from:


Majaliwa Mbogella

Executive Director

Children Care Development Organization

P.O.Box 1751

Iringa, Tanzania





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