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About us

EuropaBook is an Italian private limited company established in 2011. Roberto Carpano is the founder of the firm and a development consultant specialized in the Foreign Aid sector, European Neighbourhood Policy Initiative (ENPI), Territorial Cooperation, Research, training and consultancy in EU affairs. EuropaBook team consists of experienced « European Affairs » experts in the domain of grants. EuropaBook’s office is based in Rome.


Training for SMEs and Non-profit organizations

Gain the skills to design a Territorial Cooperation and Research project.

2,000 hours already delivered

Find partners

One step further by classifying experienced partners.

8.449 partners

Look for projects

Enhance your project design quality by drawing on the experience of projects already implemented.

17.480 projects

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Latest news

31 Oct 2017

Diffondiamo la Relazione annuale al Parlamento del Comitato nazionale per la repressione delle frodi nei confronti dell'Unione Europea (

31 Oct 2017

36 students from Italian universities, 4 days of intensive workshops and lectures, 13 speakers from the Institutions, Members State Permanent Representation, industrie

28 Jul 2017

Terminiamo la prima parte dell’anno con un tema che ci appassiona: l’attuazione del Piano Juncker.

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